Beyond Van Gogh & Beyond Monet are coming to Austin. Witness the brilliance of two legendary artists unfold before your eyes.


Austin American-Statesman Building, 305 S Congress Ave, Austin, TX 78704, United States

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Beyond Monet & Van Gogh Austin

Step into the captivating world of Van Gogh and Monet as their masterpieces come to life. Join us in Austin for Beyond Van Gogh & Beyond Monet.

What our guests are saying

"Saw this exhibit when it was in San Jose. One of the most touching experiences ever!"

Vicki S. Beyond Van Gogh - Sacramento

"Not only are Monet's works transcendental, but the person(s) who put the exhibit together is amazing also! Music and animation were fantastic."

Mark W. Beyond Monet - Honolulu

"We've been twice, it's an amazingly awesome experience "

Dawn C. Beyond Van Gogh - Albuquerque

" It is a beautiful experience don’t miss it. Monet’s paintings come to life in whole new way."

Joe S. Beyond Monet - Milwaukee

"Awesome exhibit you must see in person for an exhilarating experience."

Jojo V. Beyond Monet - Milwaukee

"It's a marvelous artistic experience, took many pictures and videos!"

Liz R. Beyond Van Gogh - Augusta

"My 11yr old just loves “starry night” but left with more exposure to other pieces he painted and knowledge of him! Her *new* favorite is “almond blossom” So glad I got the tickets and surprised her! 😉"

Rebecca W. Beyond Van Gogh - Augusta

"If you haven’t gone what are you waiting for. It is absolutely amazing. Go before it leaves town"

Ceil V. Beyond Van Gogh - Hartford

"Go - do not miss this show!! Absolutely fabulous!"

Lucy B. Beyond Van Gogh - Hartford

"Very informative. Information about the artist. A new look on his work."

Tamela S. Beyond Monet - Honolulu

"It was impressive. The event was a work of art."

Steve S. Beyond Van Gogh - Fresno

"A cool way to experience art in a different, visual medium."

Sandra M. Beyond Monet - Honolulu

"Incredible experience! Awesome staff! Beautiful!!"

Raven Beyond Monet - Milwaukee

"Amazing with a capital A!"

Gazie N. Beyond Van Gogh - Augusta

"Loved this exhibit it was really amazing. The artwork was so beautiful."

Leslie H. Beyond Monet - Winnipeg

"This is a must-see for anyone who loves Impressionism. Beautiful selections of Monet's life's work were seamlessly put together and set to music. It was a truly memorable experience."

Elizabeth M. Beyond Monet - Long Island

"This is an amazing experience. Well worth seeing for Monet and any art fan."

Melissa C. Beyond Monet - Long Island

"We were enchanted!"

Lexi A. Beyond Van Gogh - Providence

"I am 68 years old and I danced a few times! I also cried!"

Paula W. Beyond Van Gogh - Grand Rapids

"Thoroughly enjoyed it once, second time would be even better"

Irma M. Beyond Van Gogh - Halifax

"Amazing! Beyond my expectations."

Morgan M. Beyond Monet - Winnipeg

"Beyond Van Gogh is an immersive, multi-sense, stimulating, and enlightening experience that is quite simply, sublime. An emotionally evocative amalgamation of physical, kinesthetic, visual, and auditory stimuli."

Bryan D. Beyond Van Gogh - Victoria

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